«A unique place - the Crave Theatre - was opened in the heart of Moscow. It’s complicated to describe the show, you need to watch it once.»
«For two hours an incredible show is unfolding at the stage of the Crave theatre, and you immediately forget about everything. Director Vasily Kozar masterly mixed art and sex, so that this explosive cocktail takes your breath from the first sip and wanders through the veins long after the end of the event.»
«The capital’s citizens are craving for entertainment — one of those is the performance «What women want» in the new theatre Crave.»
The Crave theatre, which successfully reviving a practically lost in Russian culture French cabaret, during an unbelievably small period of time has become a keypoint on the secular cultural map of Moscow. The elegant interior, chamber auditorium with cosy couches and armchairs, where exquisite drinks and treats are just the adornment around the main event —  the direction and choreography, that are imbued with the aesthetics of sensuality and elegance. 
It’s suggested in the invitation ticket, that you’d better come an hour before the show , and it’s a good advice. The dimmed lighting, slight haze, grand piano player — you may have a glass of sparkling wine or canapes with caviar, try oysters, discuss Moscow premieres while waiting, and most important — you may dive into the sensual atmosphere of the cabaret theatre. <...> As soon as you make yourselves comfortable on a cosy velvet couch in front of a designed table with colorful lighting ,where the sparkling wine has been already served, you cannot help but take your phone to capture this instamoment.
«What is Crave? The hint is hiding in the name itself. In English “crave” is a passionate desire, when someone extremely wants something and thinks about it all the time, an obsession. In the Crave Theatre you’ll never see old time familiar classic plays, here the dance running the show; besides the show What Women Want - is a symbiosis of French cabaret and dance performance in its best possible way.»
«This is an absolutely new format for Moscow, «a space of impressions», a kind of cabaret in a modern way. Here you won’t see the traditional cancan, instead, the wonders of the visual effects.»
«A new space appeared on the theatrical map of the capital, which immediately fell into the focus of attention of all seekers of non-standard spectacles — the Crave Theater <...>. Coming here, you will find yourself in a parallel reality, even before the show starts: a chamber auditorium with comfortable sofas and designer tables and complimentary sparkling wine immediately set the mood and immerse you in a bohemian atmosphere.»
«The story of the search for the true love permeates the show, combining choreographic and acrobatic performances. As a bonus, all guests are treated to champagne.»