An invitation to the Crave Theater is a perfect gift beyond the time

The gift ticket is made of gold design paper with black stamping and produced by an antique letterpress machine. The ticket is presented in a theatre’s signature envelope.

The gift ticket is available to order when purchasing e-tickets for a specific date (immediately after choosing the date of the event, seats and entering the buyer's contact details), as well as when purchasing the open-end ticket (immediately after choosing the price, number of tickets and entering the buyer details).

Our Exclusive gift Box will take you to the unforgettable journey to the world of desires

An exclusive gift set is assembled in a black box and securely tied with a red satin ribbon.

A gift set includes an invitation with a compliment from the theater – a hand-made velvet accessory, covered with soft tissue paper. An instruction for use is included.

Within a day after a gift ticket or a gift set purchase, our manager will contact you for the details of the receiver as well as preferable delivery date and time. The delivery can be done from Monday to Saturday.

Additional rules of purchase and usage of the gift sets and tickets can be found in user agreement