The Crave Theatre aesthetics

The Crave Theatre Moscow — is not just a  theatre in the usual sense of this word, but also it’s a unique atmosphere where you dive in once and want to come back again and again.

Special attention to details is the unique feature of our theatre: from the gallant doorman in red livery and gorgeous hostesses to elegant interior and excellent service.

The Crave Theatre spectators come not only to enjoy the incredible show of entirely new format, but also to feel the atmosphere of celebration! Before the show our guests may enjoy the evening in the foyer, where the special atmosphere and grand piano accompaniment make everything much more relaxed and chummy, or set the tone for the evening with exquisite drinks and snacks in the lobby bar.

A half hour before the show we open the auditorium, where our guests are welcomed with vocal program and ice-cold sparkling wine, which is served on each table, as a compliment from our theatre.