Opening of the summer terrace of the bar "Conservatory"

Opening of the summer terrace of the bar "Conservatory"

02 June 2021

On May 25, the grand party of the Ararat Park Hyatt and the Crave Theater took place with the support of BMW, Moët & Chandon and Elle magazine.

The occasion of the opening of the summer terrace of the Conservatory bar under the open sky of the capital united large companies leaders, representatives of the diplomatic sector, show-business and guests of leading magazines.

The perfect accompaniment to the warm conversations of the dinner party was the exquisite dishes of the hotel's chef, Daniele Galluisi, combined with glasses of ice-cold Moët&Chandon.

A provocative preview of our new show, Absolutely Naga, the perfect blend into the magical atmosphere of the evening. And the solo of the unsurpassed Polina Gagarina added lively notes to the melodic composition of the social promenade.

BMW has presented two models to the public: the updated BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe and the sporty BMW Z4.

Among the guests were: Andrey Malakhov, Sergey Filin and Maria Prorvich, Anna Russka, Arkady Novikov, Alexander Rogov and Karina Nigay, Victoria Gilvarg, Konstantin Andrikopulos, Victoria Daineko, Sati Kazanova and others.