Premiere of "Crave Airlines" with Vladimir Marconi

Premiere of "Crave Airlines" with Vladimir Marconi

07 July 2023

On July 6, the premiere of the Crave Airlines show took place with stand-up comedian, actor and TV presenter Vladimir Marconi.

The guests of the evening were spectators and friends of the Crave Theatre, including: Ida Galich, Stanislav Kruglitsky, Alexey Stolyarov, Assol and ST, Dmitry Shepelev, Sergey Lavygin and Maria Lugovaya.


“I have two experiences with Crave. The first is the audience: how aesthetically pleasing everything is, beautiful, brilliant artists, beauties on stage, light, sound, velvet sofas, everything smells delicious, a luxurious bar during a break, then the second act of the show and extravaganza. One thing would have been enough, but here at once there are so many. The second feeling is the same, but without the bar. You see how everything is verified, clearly, and you understand this mechanism from the inside.

Given my extensive professional television experience, the stage is my place of work, although the theater stage is my debut. There are no duplicates here, everything should be tight. I tell my colleagues about this, and they are pleased to hear me repeat their own words. There were enough difficulties, so many sports and physical activities, that in addition to the show, apparently, they are preparing me for the Olympics. And if there are disciplines - to move smartly in the costume of the captain of Crave Airlines - my gold ".

Vladimir Marconi

The next show of Crave Airlines with Vladimir Marconi will take place on July 7 and August 26. The show has several lineups. This role is also played by theater and film actor Rinal Mukhametov, actor and TV presenter Ivan Chuikov. Up-to-date information on the compositions on the website

"Crave Airlines" is the latest premiere of the Crave Theatre, released in December 2022. Now in
The theater's repertoire includes three productions: "What woman want", "Crave Airlines", and "Absolutely naked"..

At every Crave Airlines show, you have the opportunity to win gifts from our partners Ararat Park Hotel Moscow and the iconic British lingerie brand Agent Provocateur.