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Singer Polina presented the anthem of Crave Theater Moscow

Singer Polina presented the anthem of Crave Theater Moscow

27 October 2021

On October 24 we celebrated our second birthday! The show “Absolutely Naked” and the premier of the single “Crave” took place during the celebration. The author and performer of the song is the winner of the Grammy Music Award for a track with Eminem - singer Polina.

Before the show, theatergoers were treated to a special Hennessy XO with ice. The culmination of the evening was the presentation of the single inspired by the synthesis of sensuality and sexuality of our theater. A luxurious "fire" dance of artists flared up on the stage accompanied by a live vocal performance of unsurpassed Polina. The piercing, languid, magnetic track "Crave" caused a storm of applause and pleasant excitement among the guests of the event. The anthem of the theater marked the entry of Crave into the world music market. However, the surprises did not end there! Parisian perfume house Kilian warmly congratulated us on our birthday and presented Crave artists with its new warming perfume "Angel's Share".

The celebrity guests were Ida Galich, Artik & Asti, Timur Rodriguez, Leonid Blavatnik, Maxim Didenko, Alexander Arutyunov, MARUV and others.